Aurender App


Aurender comes with a dedicated player which has been specially tuned to Aurender for best performance and convenience. The Aurender iPad and Android app has been developed with a huge music database in mind and providing fast browsing/searching of your favorite songs. 



•Intuitive user interface
•One click addition of the song to the play queue
•Song title, artist, genre, composer filter
•DSD, 16/24bit, sampling rate filter
•Rating filter
•Album front and back cover support 
•Gapless playback
•Go to artist, go to album feature
•Integrated TIDAL service (separate subscription required)
•Power search (64bit iPad only)
•Both iPad app and 'Lite' Android app for phone supported.
•Android app will run on tablets but the UI of the app is optimized for Android smartphones.
(Supports Android device with OS of Kit-Kat or later versions.)

Enjoy 25 million full resolution lossless music tracks with the world's best sounding Music Server. Aurender Server and Player supports the TIDAL service fully. You can play songs on your Aurender's HDD or songs from the TIDAL service using the same app.