The Aurender W20 is not just a pretty interface

W20 Review - The Absolute Sound


- Robert Harley

The Aurender W20 is in my experience the current state of the art in music servers. It excels in every parameter; its array of features is unmatched, the 12TB of available storage will accommodate virtually any library; its interface is wonderful and intuitive; and most importantly, it delivers sound quality unmatched by any other digital source I’ve heard. The W20 brought out the best in my system, delivering the greatest dimensionality, timbral purity, resolution, and freedom from hash I’ve heard from digital sources. Of course, a great digital-to-analog converter is required for realizing the sound quality I’ve described, but I can say that the combination of the W20 and the Berkeley Alpha DAC Reference sets a benchmark in performance.

Although many listeners will be drawn to the Aurender W20 by its capabilities and outstanding iPad control app, it’s really the sound quality that makes the W20 special. The Aurender W20 is not just a pretty interface.


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