Highly recommend. Much love.

N100H Review - Positive-feedback

Meaning, I loved my time with the N100H and sonically the unit runs circles around any PC or Mac I could imagine. It is dead quiet, offering a very resolving presentation that is neither lean nor mean. Extended at either end with air and space, music via the N100H is captivatingly good. Yeah, it is not going to do anything to make you go… "The N100H presents music from this perspective…" No it gets the music out into the room with such an engagingly organic way that it moves us far away from what we are used to hearing with digital from a computer. Smooth, etch free… no glare or grit. Airy and open. No nasty bits to get in the way. Nice indeed.

Big, robust, dynamic… and yet articulate, light, and airy. Sitting there nitpicking my music is not something I want to do when I am able to sit and listen… but yeah, as a reviewer you are asking me to do just that… so let me say this; I found myself not worrying what was going on, or not going on with my music… I listened to the music. The N100H does that to you. I never felt a rush to interrogate the N100H as to what it was or was not doing to any file I was having it send to either the Playback Designs MPS-04, the DEQX PreMate +, or the PS Audio DirectStream DAC. It worked flawlessly with any and all, making my music rather enjoyable. And if you have heard what I listen to, then that could be, for you at least, an insurmountable achievement.

Of course what I am describing here is what my music sounds like… through the N100H. And for the most part, through everything else I have here in the system. I want a certain sound and so this is what my system does… for me. The N100H presents my music in a way that I like. That I want to hear. That I think it should sound like. The Aires does that too (used here with the SBooster power supply as opposed to the stock unit provided with the LE option). I find each to be quite beguiling, though ever so different, with neither being the preferred. And like I said, they both present my music how I want it to sound. How should it sound? No idea. Can't say. Does not apply to me with my music. Maybe to you, but not to me. Either the Aries or N100H can do it... and do it right. Way better right than my Mac could ever do it.

As a whole the N100H works. It works quite well as a purpose-built streamer to get your music from A to B. No, make that it works REALLY well. By eliminating the issues of noise and such found in any Mac or PC, the Aurender N100H gets you way more from your music than previously experienced. For sure, audiophile software will do a lot to make things better, as will a tweaked out computer, but it is not close. Too much happening that simply degrades the sound and performance. Sort of like me being asked to do 10 things at once with the distraction of a classroom of 32 noisy and active 12 year olds... remove the kids and ask me to do one thing... done. No problem. That is the Aurender N100H. Remove the crap and you hear into the music like never before.