Great Sound, Smooth Ergonomics, and a Compact Footprint

FLOW Review - The Absolute Sound



- Steven Stone

I’ve heard there are some audiophiles who like an uncluttered desk. For someone who wants great sound, smooth ergonomics, and a compact footprint, the Aurender Flow offers an elegant solution for headphone and nearfield listening. Put a large mSATA hard drive in it and you have a clever rig for a traveling audiophile. Although the Flow will work in portable applications, in my view its one-pound weight and form factor make it more suitable for desktop service. Also, The Flow could easily find a place with music professionals, carrying it from studio to studio to ensure monitoring consistency. 

Never before have audiophiles had so many fine options for DAC/preamps in the $1000 to $1500 range. I’ve mentioned several with which I’m familiar during this review. But the Flow’s physical dimensions and its ability to drive everything I could throw at it headphone-wise make it special. Yes, my first impression of the Flow was wrong, but after giving it a chance to strut its stuff, I have to admit that it has become my current go-to headphone listening rig. If headphone listening from a computer source is your thing, you need to hear the Flow because it was made for you.


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