Delivers a full MQA unfold direct from Tidal streaming

A10 Review - Sound+Image

Predictably, the ink was barely dry on our ‘How to hear MQA high-res from Tidal’ story in Sound+Image (expanded from this earlier online piece) before changes came through, notably in the form of a system software upgrade from Aurender for its A10 digital player.
This confirmed that the information currently on both Tidal and MQA’s websites is not entirely accurate in saying that the only way to access a complete unfolding of its MQA Masters files into their full high-res form is by using the desktop app version of Tidal for PC or Mac.
It’s not true, because with this system update, Aurender’s A10 digital music players can stream and fully decode MQA Masters direct from Tidal.

Tidal is accessed directly by the A10 using Aurender’s Conductor app (iPad only, pictured, showing an MQA playlist we made earlier), and the new software issued on 28 Feb updated both Aurender’s upmarket A10 playback + DAC unit's system software and its Conductor app, while confirming the unit now has certified MQA status.
The update, says Aurender, delivers “Full Decoder MQA file playback from the internal DAC, with MQA content status displayed on the A10's front panel. In addition, when used with the A10, the Conductor App will now display MQA file information… Additional features and improvements are available for all models, including a new “Add to my library” feature for seamless integration of Tidal, Qobuz, and other (where applicable) streaming content with the local library, a “Masters” tab for filtering MQA Master Albums from Tidal Albums, and the ability to filter and identify locally stored MQA content more easily with Conductor.”