Computer Audiophile Product of the Year

S10 Review


As technology advances there are inevitably a number of people who resist change. High end computer audio has brought about its fair share of detractors from the traditional audiophile crowd. Much of this resistance is due to lack of education, misunderstandings, and poor first impressions. The time has come for the resistive types to test the computer audio waters once again or for the fence sitters to start leaning forward and ease into the next phase of wonderful music reproduction in the home. Audiophiles and music lovers alike should understand there isn't a single best music server, music server platform, or HiFi component for that matter. A product designed to please everybody will please nobody. The best one can do is make a list of music server requirements and check off each item that's fulfilled by a specific product. Arguably the chances are very good an Aurender S10 from WideaLab will meet or exceed more requirements than all music servers on the market. The Aurender S10 music server is one of those computer audio products that audiophiles and music aficionados have sought for years. The fit and finish of the Aurender S10 with its AMOLED display and fine metal work is superb to say the least. The S10's sonic performance arguably exceeds that of most high end digital and analog sources. In addition to custom audio hardware its iPad control application sets the Aurender S10 apart from nearly all music server solutions. Smoothly swiping through 3,000 albums covers on an iPad can change one's entire listening experience. The fantasy of superior sound quality, incredible convenience, and beautiful aesthetics has been brought to reality by WideaLab and its Aurender S10, the Computer Audiophile Product of the Year for 2011. WideaLab has finally made it cool to bring a computer into the listening room.

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