A10 is quite stellar giving you a very, very musical presentation

A10 Review - Positive Feedback

So, I am really comparing the A10 as a 'standalone' streaming (without a NAS) digital source (DAC) feeding an analog output to the PS Audio preamplifier to that of the Aries feeding a digital output (with a NAS) to the PS Audio Directstream DAC feeding an analog out to the PS Audio preamplifier. And as I noted above, the A10 trumped the Aries/PS Audio/PS Audio in terms of bass and slam... punch and crunch... but, I could live with either. Though, my reference system tended to be ever so more liquid and analog-like in the sense of ease and flow. Not mind-blowingly different, but all the same differently better. And the PS Audio preamplifier had more drive and control than the Aurender A10 direct... synergy with the PS Audio amplifier? Power and control are good things to have with dynamic music. So, I am quite happy with what I have... if only we could get the bass of the A10! Slam! Punch, wham… the A10's bass is a real tribute to Adam West.

On its own, the A10 is quite stellar giving you a very, very musical presentation. Extended and airy, big and robust… it does the music justice. I see it aimed at those who are obviously all digital and in need of a simpler system. Straight and no chaser—direct to amplifier—and you got magic. I can find no faults sonically though I still have a slight issue—of design—with the app one uses to access your music. The color scheme and layout does not work for me… but this is simply a visual and ergonomic thing on my part. It is not an app that I find fun or visually appealing, but then I am no doubt not all that visually appealing to others, so there you go. On the other hand, it works brilliantly well and does things I wish other apps could do… so for sure it is a stellar app to access and control your music with features one has only dreamed of having... and it never crashed or required a re-boot... way nice!