A new generation of audio servers

S10 Review

For the briefest of intros, the S10 is a Linux-based computer seriously customized to enhance sound quality, aesthetics and ease of use. This leads us to a €6.000 sticker which at first glance seems steep for a Korean Linux-based PC-related product. Half-priced challengers from Sonore or Wyred4Sound obviously don’t pursue the same aesthetic demands where the Widealab server truly is a beautiful piece of industrial design like my Esoteric K-03. Pretty gear is costly but the beauty of the Aurender S10 is not limited to its silver aluminum casing or black aluminum heat sinks. It reflects internally with a superbly built custom sound card using oven-controlled crystal oscillators and custom-programmed FPGAs. The inner chassis is carefully organized and separated into three main sections to obtain the lower noise possible.

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